Jigsaw Seasons for iPhone and iPad

Available in iTunes

Curiosity is rewarded

Curiosity is rewarded in Jigsaw Seasons. When all the puzzle pieces are in place, single parts of the image will react to touching or tilting the screen. So get started exploring the jigsaw puzzle.

Jigsaw Seasons consists of four life like illustrations of the seasons in bright colours with children playing. The illustrations give you and your child inspiration for talks about the changing seasons and out door games and activities though out the year.

Finishing each of the four jigsaw puzzles will trigger pieces for a fifth bonus puzzle, and motivate the children to keep exploring the game.

Play Jigsaw Seasosn together with your child, or let your child to explore it independently. Either way the surprises and the three levels of difficulty leaves room for curiosity and development.

Learn more about Jigsaw Seasons:
Homepage – Includes press release, graphics and videos of the game.

Demo video

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